05 November, 2014

Now Store Pics on Google+ photos for Free

And the best thing is only you can see them if you like.

So here we go this tut explains how to upload Pics on Google+ photos and don't use the drive's storage. By mastering this technique you will be able to convert google's service as a photo backup storage.

This tut takes you as an absolute beginner to Photos.

Step 1:  Of course LOG IN ! !

Step 2: On Google+ 's home screen click on home.

Step 3: Click on Photos.

Step 4: Click on Upload Photos

Step 5: Click on Click to Open the File Browser or you can of course drag the photos there.

Step 6: Click on Done.

Step 7: Click on skip to skip sharing, this means that now the pic is only visible to you. 
At the end you might see your uploaded photo. Cheers!!!
And the photo used is given below:-

It's captured through slate 7 and edited using GIMP, also the blurs in Screenshots are done using it.

05 September, 2014

My Ubuntu Desktop

This is My Ubuntu Desktop......

Apps are arranged as below......
|Nautilus file Explorer | Sublime text     |
|VLC media Player       | Firefox Browser|

TOroid Spin

Another blender Blend....
The TOroid Spin....

My Blender Video Of Fluid Animation

I have worked a little bit and this is my first created fluid animation.
Hope you enjoy!!!!

## Created With Blender ##
Here to view in youtube

04 September, 2014

The Misused Social Network

By- Aditya Vikram Singh

Good Morning, Teachers and my dear friends, I , Aditya Vikram Singh , am going to speak against the motion (Social Networking Sites have more advantages than disadvantages).

You all have used social networking sites, one or the other, but have you ever thought about the way these sites cheat you. Most of these sites are mere platforms to view advertisements, rather than connecting people. Face book for example was created by Mark Zukerberg to earn money not to do a social service. Moreover, these sites have a lot of privacy issues. When you put your pics and videos on such sites you can never be sure that they don't use it, or, distribute it.

03 September, 2014

PPT Social Networking Sites

Me and My Friend Akshat Jain have collaborated in taking data from the net and creating a great pptx presentation.

The link is here >> bit.ly/1tsOT3j.

Download it and view it in MS PowerPoint 2007 and above.

A special thanks to Bhoopendra for copying us.

14 August, 2014

Book for Triangles and Trignometry

 Hello everyone!!
As I am a Student of mathematics I've created with effort the book for triangles and trigonometry. The book is a ready to go reference for anyone. The book has been created with the help of Wikipedia book creator.